Nasal filters help you breathe cleaner air. 

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Personal Nasal Filters

 Nasal filters protect you from Second Hand Smoke. 

You could be at risk of developing a number of smoking-related illnesses without even ever taking a puff of a cigarette yourself? Reduce  and stop secondhand smoke - your pollution solution.

Breathe-ezy Personal Care Nasal Filters contain HEPA air purifiers of activated carbon/cellulose. These allergy free air filters help you to Breathe Right and are suitable for all nasal breathing allergy relief. Activated carbon is considered one of the best developed and most efficient filtering materials in the worldstop tunnel fumes traffic exhaust fumes                

Airbrush Tanning.jpgPersonal Nasal Filters: suitable for nail technicians, sufferers of MCS and COPD and motor mechanics. When wearing YOU have carbon monoxide poisoning protection from traffic, car and diesel exhaust fumes, tunnel exhaust fumes and . Dont nasal breath dangerous second hand smoke.Stop breathing chemical fumes, perfume vapors, obnoxious smells, bush fire smoke and pollution.                                                          

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joy.jpgEach nasal filter can be used from 2-5 days without losing any effectiveness, depending to the pollution of the environment. Wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe or lightly rinse in cold water between uses.

Note: Nasal or Nose filters protect you from all airborne pollutants including dust and pollen spores.

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Personal Pollen Filters

Each Pollen Filter can be used from 7-14 days without losing any effectiveness, depending to the allergens of the environment.

Pollen filters relieve symptoms of allergy.

" Find out why our excellent Personal Pollen Filters protect you from and hayfever allergies"

Breathe-Ezy Pollen Filters for breathing allergy relief. Our cellulose filters offer 99.99% filtration of allergen  triggers caused by pollens from, grasses, trees and weeds, dust mites, pet fur, mold and dust allergens. We all  need to breathe cleaner air for health and wellness.            


nasal breathing,Perfect choice if you have hay fever, sinus or asthma symptoms and need natural remedy relief. They will protect YOU from:  Silica dust, Coal dust, Saw dust, Asbestos and Fibreglass dust and Spray Tanning Industry and Bakers Flour. 

Can be worn during sleep for better breathing if you wake up with sinus or stuffy congested nose. Personal Pollen Filters will give you much needed relief from the triggers that cause the allergy eg: pet dander, household dust, mould, dust mites and pollens. An aid for better sleep. 

 Wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe or lightly rinse in cold water between uses. 


Personal Travel Filters

 Airborne viruses trap with Travel filters.

"Try our unique Personal Travel Filters for your protection from aero toxic syndrome when travelling" 


  Personal Travel Filters:  Perfect for the long haul flight to arrive feeling fresh and relaxed knowing you have taken care of your health amongst airconditioned aircraft and crowded space. cycling breathing techniques,HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) contain Anti-bacterial, anti fungus, anti virus combination filter of Activated carbon/ Copper fabric/ Cellulose and protect you from air pollution, airborne bacteria and flu virus. During Air Travel it seems like something new and harmful is always floating around in the air we breathe. Use our Anti-Microbial Travel Nasal Filter for your health and safety.   

  Protection from influenza virus, SARS and Legionaires virus. Wear during travel, sporting events, medical waiting rooms and crowded public transport and where large crowds gather. Stop the spread of germs and stay healthy.

 If you are allergic to copper, please do not use.  

  Each individual travel filter will give approximately 24 hours protection against airborne virus. Simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe between uses.  Note: Travel Filters also protect you and reduce traffic exhaust fumes, help stop passive smoke, dust and pollen spores etc


  Have you these symptoms of sleep disturbance?  

  MaxAir Nasal Dilators Relieve snoring.


Snorenomore MaxAir  MaxAir Nasal Dilators  for snoring relief. Natural nasal breathing device manufactured from a single medical grade plastic mould. Designed with two breathing cups joined at centre by neat plastic nasal strip which also acts as a support bracket when inserted into your nostrils.

  Note: Max Air Nasal Dilators are also proving to be a great asset during exercise as a Quantum Generator, by balancing the natural breathing process. Ideal for cycling breathing techniques and aerobic exercise.

We recommend using the Snorenomor Max-air Nasal Dilators  for a good night's sleep.


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We want you to Breathe easy without having to take medications which can produce ill side effects, Breathe-Ezy nasal filters are almost unnoticeable when in use, however they will give you superior protection to any other product on the market. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: If Breathe-Ezy Nasal Filters® don't perform to your expectations, simply advise our customer support office within 21 days and receive a full refund.  

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