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Travel Filters Australiaavian flu virus, ......copper fabric sits between a layer of activated carbon and cellulose......Do you end up feeling sick after flight travel? Wear Personal Travel Filters during your flight and feel better with it's anti-virus, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties. Kill and trap influenza virus, airborne allergies. Copper fabric traps and kills airborne virus and bacteria..

Each individual Travel filter will give approximately  24 + hours protection. Use one per-long haul flight. Simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe between uses

nasal filtersNasal Filters Australia.......activated carbon and cellulose...... are your headaches, aches and pains triggerd by hand second smoke,  passive smoke, chemical vapours, effects of air pollution, car exhaust fumes? Then these are for you. We recommend these for Multiple chemical sensitivity, MCS.

Each individual nose filter can be used from 36 hours + without losing any effectiveness, depending to the pollution of the environment. Simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe between uses.  

pet danderPollen Filters Australia......cellulose filtering material..... if your nasal allergy triggers are caused by grasses, trees, weeds, pollen allergy symptoms, pet dander, mould spores, these are for you. With natural allergy relief from hay fever symptoms, nasal congestion relief, sinus relief. Pollen Filters are economical, they can be washed and used again and again, practical alternative to dust mite spray.

Each individual Personal Pollen Filter can be used  48 hours+  without losing any effectiveness, depending to the pollution of the environment. Simply wipe with tissue or alcohol wipe or lightly rinse in cold water between uses.

relief snoringMaxAir Nasal Dilators, snoring relief..... these unique nasal dilators Australia clear the sinuses relief snoring whilst enabling sleeping person to breathe warm moist air through the nose. An aid to snoring relief .  Ideal to wear during sporting activites, opens the nasal passage for improved air intake. They can be reused and worn indefinately. Great value!                              Mixed pack with 2 each small-medium-large best buy.


                  New Revolutionary Allergy Treatment......No more anti-histamines

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                                Not sure of the size you need?  

small......11mm    teenagers, small men and women, medium.....13mm, large...............14mm 

We recommend to start with a mixed pack of 3 filters containing 1 small - 1 medium - 1 large. It's important to determine which size works best for you for future use.


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